Karly Bergmann
Experiments in the Science of Enchantment.

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Performing live shadow visuals for Fax Factory’s NAILED! Presents: Karly Bergmann and Livia Ferri (2017, Rome)


Experimental shadow scroll with pop-up elements. Created as The International Shadow Workshop at Teatro Gioco Vita (Piacenza, 2017)


Workshop of La Contessa dei Muschi presented as participant piece at The National Puppetry Conference at The O’Neill (2017)

A shadow puppet interpretation of Poem VI by Emily Dickinson for The English Theatre of Rome's production of The Belle of Amherst (2017)

A story told by Del Close on his death bed (2016)


Designed for The Theatre School at DePaul’s Holiday card using puppets from the shadow puppet show Tatterhood (2016)